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Dream. Challenge. Succeed.

Our teachers are professional masters of musical arts. Regardless of your class you will enjoy a personally tailored lesson which seeks to make you the musician of your dreams. Music theory is integral to each class but we will teach you as much or as little as you need to reach your goals. We cater to all ages/needs and will gladly give more information if requested!

Piano Keys


A multifaceted instrument that takes weeks to learn but years to master. We break it down to your individual skill level and make sure the learning experience is tailored perfectly for you. Whether you want to be the next Beethoven or need another tool to make beats- we make it easy to reach your goals.



An amazing instrument made to replicate the human voice. If you're just starting out or you want to hone your skills we have you covered from Classical to Keltic!

Guitar Playing


An instrument that rocks in a band or makes the perfect accompanist to a solo act. We teach all levels, be it Acoustic or Electric, we'll help you learn or improve!

Tube Microphone in Studio


One of the most versatile instruments that is always with you! All voices can improve; we give you the confidence and methods to get it done. We help all styles and levels improve on the instrument they've had all along!


Dream. Challenge. Succeed.

Editing with Headphones


A skill that brings music together. Learn how to put together tracks that can set the platform for a song or be one all by itself. We teach a tailored lesson that aims to make you the producer you dream to be.

Cello 2


A deep, powerful instrument that stirs emotions. We teach new and advanced students how to improve on this strong instrument. With our teaching you will learn proper bow handling, posture, finger placement, and more!

Drums Sticks


From the booming bass to the sharp hi-hat, learn an instrument that gives life to a band. We teach you the fundamentals necessary to play the rhythm in your mind and the sound that makes people tap their feet. We teach all levels to become the drummer they envision.

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